5-16 Years Children Key Issues, Events or Interests

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– Type: Assignment – Written Assignment
– Learning objectives assessed: Capacity to find, evaluate and use information
– Task description:
You should, at the beginning of the semester, start to identify some the key issues about/ or interests of children and youth that are making news (television, radio, newspapers, journals, magazines, internet).
You need to write a 500 word profile of the issue/event. This profile could include things such as a detailed description of the issue/events, its historical background, the implications learning, development and practice for children 5-16 years. Include at least 4-6 references.
– Criteria and Marking: Dossier criteria (* I will attach this document.)
NOTE: Please choose Australia children issue/event or choose common issue/event in the world. For example obesity, bullying… Please focus on Australia children even you choose common issue or event.