A Greater Appreciation for Music and Musicianship

Music Appreciation Essay Reflection paper: One of the course objectives is “a greater appreciation for music and musicianship.” This assignment is to reflect upon what I have learned about music over the semester,(1.The Keyboard 2.Notation, The Staff, and Melody 3.Clefs 4.Major Scales 5.Key Signatures 6.Minor Scales 7.Intervals 8.Triads and The Dominant Seventh Chord 9.Introduction to Rhythm and Meter 10.Cadences)and examine how that knowledge has helped gain a greater appreciation for music and musicianship. Feel free to relate it to the music you personally enjoy. Has your understanding of that music increased? Write a typed paper of about 550 words, reflecting on these and other related questions. The paper is due to be posted no later than midnight November 19. Details about the posting are also provided inside the CFE course site.