Afghanistan Policy Dilemmas in Contemporary International Relations

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Question: policy dilemmas in contemporary international relations
A dilemma is a problem where all of the possible solutions potentially involve undesirable outcomes or difficult to justify costs.
Discuss withdrawing or maintaining allied troops in Afghanistan in your response
i)identify three available policy options for managing the problem;
ii) create an argument either for one, or more, of the options, or against taking any of the options. Be sure to make your reasons clear.
You need to first briefly present the dilemma, and for whom it is a dilemma by outlining the costs/undesirable factors associated with the three policy options you have identified;
You need to create an argument for choosing one or more of these options, or choosing none of them.
It is important to be clear, brief and straight to the point in answering this question. Ensure all sections must be answered. Please read material attached, especially lecture notes.