American History

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Nixon got “caught in the act” of openly deceiving the American public and resigned in disgrace in 1974. Historians lament the resulting loss of political idealism and prestige of public office.
-Agree or disagree with the following statement: “There has always been, and will always be corruption in public office in any democratic system of governance. Sometimes we learn about it, sometimes we don’t. You can only guess at who is telling the truth.” Give reasons for your opinion.
-Describe how President Clinton’s transgressions in the office during the 1990s differed from those of President Nixon’s in the 1970s, and how they were the same.
-The private life of Presidents and most other government officials is under increased scrutiny by the voting public. And yet only a few decades ago very few would have dared delve into anyone’s privacy under the same circumstances. Discuss the role of the media, polls, and “instant news” in the effort of swaying public opinion.