Analyze What You See as the Nature of God

Order description:
This extra credit paper, if you choose to write one, is worth 40 extra credit points total, depending on its originality, quality, your effort, and on grammar, mechanics, and spelling (in that order). It should be typewritten, double?spaced, and a minimum of two (2) typewritten pages and a maximum of three (3) pages.
Here are some suggested topics for optional the extra credit paper:
1. Analyze what you see as the nature of God (i.e., forgiving, vengeful, merciful, etc.) in two or more sections of Genesis studied in class.
2. Analyze the significance of humor, puns, and irony within Aristophanes comic play Lysistrata.
3. Compare and contrast plot, setting and characterization(s) within Lysistrata and a Greek tragedy (like Oedipus Rex or Medea) also in the anthology.
4. Compare and contrast one or more sinners in Dante’s Inferno with someone you know.