Bank Operations

Order Instructions
Assume that you work in a bank and your ideas should be based on the Operations conducted in a Bank. (FOR THE QUESTIONS BELOW USE DETAILS FROM THE BANKING INDUSTRY NB: CITYBANK OR JUST AN ANONIMOUS BANK i.e. it does not exist its just used for the purpose of this operational assignment)
– How one can get competitive advantage from operations and suggest ways of building capabilities that should help shaping your strategy and better compete. (Approximate 9 page)
Assume the bank has 3 branches.
a) What is the flow time, the capacity, the cycle time, and the bottleneck of this entire loan application process at National Bank? (Make sure the units are clearly highlighted)
If the bank is receiving applications continuously, what is the frequency of the meetings with the VP of credit if the goal is to keep the process Flow-Time minimal? How many files will be studied simultaneously?
b) What is the utilization of each activity when the bank is working continuously?
c) When working continuously as a pull system, how many loan applications are being processed on average at any point of time in the entire bank?
d) What can you suggest to improve the performance of the loan application process? (Assume that any employee of the bank is trained to do all the different activities related to the loan application process except that of the VP of credit). What is the new capacity of the entire process?