Business and Marketing Planning Principles

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Explain why, in business and marketing planning, it is necessary to find a balance between the planned and emergent approaches to strategy; and compare the effectiveness of Competing on the Edge (as described by Brown and Eisenhardt) and scenario thinking / planning in assisting marketers to find an appropriate balance between these two approaches to strategy.
Present your discussion in an essay format. In your discussion be sure to address the assessment criteria listed on the feedback sheet for this assignment.
Your essay will be marked in terms of
>Your understanding of the two approaches to strategy and the various strategic concepts and frameworks discussed in the course
>Evidence of reading and research wider than the course readings and lectures
>Clarity of expression and evidence of marketing thinking
>The structure and logic of your argument
>Relevant practical examples and your own observations and opinions
>Logical planning and sequence of the essay
>Overall presentation, including correct grammar, spelling and punctuation (although allowances will be made for students from non-English-speaking backgrounds).
The purpose of this assignment is to examine your ability to break down an issue, critically analyse its component parts, formulate an original opinion, and support it with logical argument, based on the evidence that you have personally discovered or observed. This assignment also examines your ability to demonstrate what you have learned from this course in a broad sense by applying your mind to the literature, reflecting upon it and defining your own approach to business and marketing planning.