Case Study

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This case is a strategic case for my management class. I need the writer read the case very carefully and then do research and do all these things :
Please find a counrty market they will demand for these 5 patches and the sixth one is electromagnetic radiation ( cell phone chip ) and justify it. You need find industry analysis for these product and find competitors.So the writer needs pick the country and justify with statistic numbers and why this counrty is better for these products? What’s these products to use for and find target markets. So for doing this case you need to be as a counselor, suggest how to sale product. For example the writer can look at cosmetics industry like lotion,cream and botex,or healthy wellness or compare energy drink like red bull , monster with these products.So please do some industry research and come with statistic numbers. Do industry analysis and how to find the business like this and why you pick this country? Select the foreign country and also the writer need to say what’s the vision and mission and business model, key successes factor, goals and objectives, strategics and swot analysis ( weakness. strength, threats and opportunities ) for this case and also what are implementations or recomendations? At the end how management relate to finance and how these things affect each other? I will attach the case and also I have Dell case that can help to the writer get some ideas.