Choices analysis of decision making concerning careers

write about how choice affects decision making when choosing careers
this is an analysis so analyze the choice of subject A choice of being a travel agent which evolves around his lack of financial constrains to finance his dream career of being a Vet or a doctor but is limited by his health condition (asthma) and financial constrain for tuition fees. subject A phobia needle and blood, fresh wounds. thus he settles for being a travel agent.
subject B a girl from a middle class family during the great depression in a family of eight offspring’s cannot also pursue her dream career (doctor) because of financial constrain and family this ear pursuing a doctoral career in medicine was a cozy affair which would be afforded by high class family members. thus being a doctor or a nurse was to her is pipe dream and she settles for fire fighting job.
subject C is you. the protagonist here depicts his love for travel agent career was thwarted by the family values which required that the generation of producing lawmaker in the family tree continue and thus you resulted to being a barrister. rather than a travel agent due to family values and moral ambiguity.
analyze the choices of the three subject and make the analysis of subject C to be in first person form?