Community Counseling Model

Order Description

The paper will emphasize the overall systemic approach to counseling in your area as well as how diverse and at-risk populations are affected. You will articulate and evaluate your community’s approach to meeting the needs discovered from the Community Needs Assessment paper. A report primarily on how a church is reaching the community will likely result in a very poor grade. This project is about how the local community as a whole meets its mental health needs.
Paper Requirements
1. 10 –15 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman font
2. APA guidelines
3. Minimum of 10 current references (within five years if possible)
4. Research should include:
a. Emergency response plans (regarding mental health)
b. Community Service programs
c. Independent and church-oriented programs
5. Comparisons and contrasts should be made among strategies and essential services as described in course materials as well as other research.
6. Some interviews will be appropriate since small organizations may not have formal data regarding their effectiveness.
7. Possible sections could include:
a. Summary of needs assessment from previous paper (Not more than one page)
b. Research of state and local government organizations – This section should give attention to their focuses, design and how each program fits into the bigger community context.
c. Private Agencies – Some approaches may be grouped together rather than reporting on each individual site. For example, Church counseling and recovery organizations in the area and their general approaches to treating specific populations could be lumped together. Also, any research published on particular approaches used (if any) should be included. This can lead to discussions of effectiveness and how the community addresses identified at-risk populations.
d. Church Related Agencies – Church and Para Church organizations
e. Interaction and Collaboration – Assessment of how these organizations interacts as a whole and provides treatment to the overall needs of the community.
f. Conclusion – Summary and identification of potential gaps in service for the community.
g. Author reflection – Reflect on this project as well as this course (not more than one page in length)
8. Note: Aside from the Author Reflection section, this paper should be written in a professional manner utilizing APA formatting and writing style.