Designing the Training Plan

Assignment Requirements

This assignment is an extension of previous assignments “Assignment 1 Training Analysis and Assignment 2 Determining Training Outcomes”. In order for you to do this assignment you will have to review my Stage 1 and Stage 2 assignments that have been uploaded. Please review and develop the training outcomes that are located in “training outcomes section” of stage 2 as they will be needed for this assignment. Note: the training outcomes that are currently included in my assignment 2 are not training outcomes. They need more clarity and specificity. These are learning objectives that will impact the students KSAs that need to be impacted to fill the performance gaps. What is currently included in my “Training Outcomes section” are organizational results which should be included in this assignment. Please polish the current training outcomes when you are developing this paper so that they are clearly written as training outcomes by saying “After receiving training, the student will be able to _______”(Note 3 of these desired training outcomes will show you how to design the training to meet the need). Please make sure this is revised in the paper you are going to develop.

Having said that, please use the ADDIE model provided below to develop a training plan that applies the analysis, and that includes the design, development, implementation, and evaluation components.

Using the ADDIE model, design a training plan based on the findings and training outcomes revealed in your TNA. Include a brief paragraph describing the organization and training issue. The training plan should include the following, at a minimum:

  1. Analysis—Discuss organizational and training goals and objectives, the target group, and the KSAs that should be expected of learners, which the training will address. (This is simply a short summary of what you did in assignment 1 and 2).
  2. Design—Determine program format, length of training, and method of delivery. What will be the costs, and what resources will be needed from the organization?
  3. Development—Outline what will be included in the program materials and activities. Consider communication tools, modules, learning aids, and assessment/evaluation tools.
  4. Implementation—Give specifics on how you will implement and deliver training. Include any “train-the-trainer” pilots and plans for training…A good way to meet this section is to draft an actual schedule (break it down for each hour, day, and/ or week – as appropriate) of what will be covered, who will cover it, and when it will be covered .
  5. Evaluation—Describe how you will evaluate this training in terms of effectiveness (consider short term and long term methods of evaluation).

Analysis – this work will be founded on assignments 1 & 2. Still have a discussion about the benefits of training, the desired outcomes the students will gain from the training, how training will correct the performance gap(s) – from assignments 1 & 2 – and the possible problems that will develop if a training intervention is not initiated.

In the Design/Development Phases include a cost analysis. In other words create a budget for your training. There are costs – materials and costs of resources (human and otherwise) – associated with training, so in your ADDIE Model make sure you consider the costs of you training and present a budget.

When you get to “IMPLEMENTATION in this assignment ADDIE Model add an agenda, schedule for the training that outlines a schedule linking times to specific topics

For Example:

0800-0850 FREE-Introductions


0900-0950-Quantumn Physics


1000-1050-String Particles


(and so on…)

If you have a self-paced computer-based training (CBT) idea, still list the topics that will be covered and an expected timeframe for students to complete the topics.

Evalaution – there are four stages in evaluation; two short-term (reaction and learning) and two-long term (behavior and results). Present a plan that covers all four of these evaluation methods.

Also ensure when you develop this assignment that it is written with correct grammar and spelling usage.


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