Develop a Unique Perspective

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We have hitherto discussed four main perspectives for judging ethical issues. We have also used other methods (e.g. the golden rule), not described in depth in the book for analyzing ethical issues. Develop your own unique perspective (be sure to give it a name). You should spend some time thinking about it and develop a serious perspective. Discuss how and why it is a viable alternative to the aforementioned frameworks. You should state your perspective’s strengths and weaknesses in comparison to the other four. Next, select and describe a real cyber-ethical scenario and comment on it using your novel ethical perspective. Argue for a particular resolution and present fairly the arguments made by others using classical ethical theory. You may choose to write on a case study from the textbook by Tavani. It must be a current issue with valid, conflicting arguments from multiple sides. As always you should strive consistently for: (1) substantive engagement with the assignment (use valid and sound arguments and/or inductive arguments); (2) logical organization and flow; (3) responsible, judicious tone; and (4) proper spelling and grammar. Other: Length: Max. 12 pages; not including references or cover page. Quality not quantity counts. Research: Find and list 8 – 10 references articles specifically on applied and/or professional ethics that were helpful in preparing this assignment. Be sure to list them in your final "References" section. Use Harvard formatting for your references. Please give thought beforehand to where to find authoritative, knowledgeable, comprehensible, and informative commentaries. Remember Wikipedia is not an acceptable source. The four perspectives for judging ethical issues mentioned above are Deontology, Contract based ethics, Virtue based ethics and Consequentialism