Dialogue Paper

Guidelines for Dialogue Paper
This project is not a traditional academic research paper, but has some of its aspects and will encourage you to familiarize yourself with research tools, writting styles and help you develop skills needed for longer forma papers. constructing a three person dialogue/debate to explore and develop a discussion of issues gives a creative flair to this assignment and connects well to our oral history focus.
This 10-12 paper is broken down into these comlusion that talks about your process ponents
1. Brief biographies of three people you have selected for the dialogue and why you chose them?
2. The setup for the discussion (where when and who has happened so far in their encounter.
3. Two or three issues/controversies from the 30s you have decided to use
4. The dialogue itself
5. A brief conclusion that talks about your process and the message you feel your dialogue paper leaves the reader with
6. Bibliography