Discharged For Off Duty Behavior Case Study

Order Description
Case studies must be completed in MSWord or WordPerfect or as .rtf files (Rich Text Files).
Items submitted are expected to be of collegiate quality, language and depth.
Points will be deducted for poor grammar, punctuation, spelling, appearance and late submission.
Case studies cannot exceed one page.
Submit the case studies as an email attachment. Do not post them at the Discussion Board!
Both case studies MUST be submitted to receive a passing grade for the course.
Go to the the Papers/Projects link in the Course Menu to the left to access Proper Format for the Case Study Assignments and my guidance on how to write a successful case study. Read this information thoroughly before you begin!
The following criteria will be used in assigning a grade to each case study:
Criteria for case studies.
Requirement Point Value
You must submit the case study on time. 5
The case study is limited to one page. 5
The case study contain an adequate summary of the case. See guidance in Papers/Projects. 5
Case questions are answered completely and thoroughly. 20
The case study is of college-level rigor. (Grammar, spelling, punctuation, completeness, etc.) 15