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Research for a retail known as Wal-Mart it is the largest stores in united states. Write six pages on how the company had been able to diversify its products, benefit realized, challenges which it would have faced and how it overcome the challenges. These arguments will be based on change management challenges which a company experiences as it change. NB: Diversification is the aspect of an organization having many categories of goods and services. For example Nakumatt has diversified its products you can get clothing’s, food stuff, hardware tools etc.
1. Analysis of the Change Strategy
a. Describe the change implementation strategy-the model of change employed (from Kotter, Nadler, Jick, etc)
b. Describe how the change was structured and sequenced
c. Describe how political support for the change was obtained and how successful those efforts were
d. Describe what the change leaders did to prevent or minimize resistance to change; what was the nature of the resistance, and how did the leaders deal with the resistance?
e. Describe how momentum for the change was built and sustained.
f. Describe the monitoring mechanisms and how the information from the monitoring was used or not used.