Domestic Violence Intervention Programs and Multiculturalism

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The Trends Critique for your Intervention Design.
Compare two to three trends, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each.
In your analysis, consider the relevant human rights, ethnic and cultural diversity, and legal and ethical issues.
Then provide your critique of each of the trends and their context within the field as a whole.

This exploration will focus on the Latino culture and its beliefs/perceptions surrounding violence, the effects of socialization, and commonly used treatment models in the areas of Social Work and Psychology. (Search for Latino culture)
My main focus is on the third kind of batterer, the anti-social batterer; usually have a diagnosable mental illness or personality disorder, substance abuse problems, and an extensive criminal record.
Which ever the case may be it is essential that therapists are thorough in their evaluations, investigating family history of substance abuse, violence among members of the family of origin, and the individual’s perception of what constitutes abuse in a relationship.
Therapists should also examine how cultural messages and socialization play a role in this process.