Education Early Childhood Age 3 through 8

Assignment Requirements

Assignment #1 Report on Guidance (20 points,) (AP a.2 Learning Environment; InTASC Learning environment, Learner development; NAEYC Child Development 1a, 1c; Professionalism 6c, 6d


The purpose of this assignment is to examine in detail selected topics and issues related to positive guidance. You will need to do the following:


  1. Developmental framework of guidance: begin by identifying the main tenets of developmental theories supporting the guidance concept. You may want to review Erikson and Piaget among others. Based on your readings and analysis,
  2. Identify the theoretical tenets that support the need and goal of guidance. Describe the role of the classroom in supporting the social and emotional development.
  3. Provide a definition about guidance and its role in supporting the child to become socially competent


  1. Interviews: Conduct interviews with teachers (two teachers) of children ages 3-8 and find out about the following:
  2. Recommended strategies and activities to support positive behavior (What works best)
  3. Activities that promote character development (What are some examples of activities and strategies?

iii.           Plans and strategies to address children’s challenging behaviors (What are some of the practices followed to address any challenging behavior?)

  1. Effective scheduling directed to support children’s needs
  2. Use of conflict resolution strategies appropriate for children
  3. Role of teacher and other professionals and practices to meet needs of children and families experiencing stressors


  1. Observations: Conduct observations of a minimum 30 minutes in two classrooms of different age levels. Note the arrangement of the classrooms and how it contributes to supporting positive behaviors. Identify the strategies followed including those to address both conflict and to promote positive self-esteem.
  2. Reflections: provide comments on what you learned through the activity about guidance. Describe any related aspects that you consider you would like to gain more knowledge about.


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