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Instructions: In brief essay 300 word each give a carefully- crafted responses to the following questions. Essay should adhere to the normal conventions of graduate-level writing, including proper attention to paragraph structure, diction, grammar, spelling, and citation. The essays should reflect your best effort at synthesizing the many sources of information and opinion on the issue and should demonstrate your evolving capacity to approach complex issues with intellectual maturity and clarity. Each of the essays should include at least one source citation.
1. Cite at least three instance in the history of our nation in which educational structure and initiates were used to advance aims which were not primarily educational. What were the aims of the imitative? Were these aims achieved? Was the cause of Education served or damaged by being used in this way?
2. Why are public schools governed by school boards? What are the historical origins of this practice? What current purpose are served by this arrangement? Would we be better off with some other form of governance?
3. Draw a chart depicting the governance structure for public K-12 education in Virginia. Include all relevant personal ( by name )from the Governor down to the local school principal ( pick any local school). Be sure to include both houses of the General Assembly and relevant committees thereof. note for the whiter: since I live in Fairfax,VA please choose any school in Fairfax, VA.
Note for the writer I want you to answer this Q because I want extra grade.
Higher Education Alternate question: Draw a chart depicting the governance structure for public higher education in Virginia..Which personal in state government have a role in governing the state universities? What are the state universities? Who serve on the governance boards of these institutions? Who appoints/elect them? Where do they get the financial resources they need in order to operate?
4.Tell the story of Governor Bill Clinton’s tangle with public school interest in Arkansas ( early 1980’s) What motives ( apart from making education more effective) were at play? What were some of the political implications of the initiative? Were the governor’s main aims achieved? Were there unintended consequences?
5. Choose any one of the following propositions and argue a position on one side or the other: note for the writer: I want to choose ( A & B ) for extra grades.
The General Assembly should enact a voucher system, giving families of privately – schooled students financial support to subsidize tuition expenses.
Professor’s work load in public colleges and universities should be increased.
Teacher tenure should be abolished in favor of a system of short-term contracts tied closely to a meaningful evaluation regimen.
” note for the writer” You don’t have to write the questions. just answer the questions. because I want to gain ” words” each answer should be 300 words so just answer the questions.