Food Factory Visit Report

Order Description
I need to write a report based on industrial visit.
Report should contain or address the following:
1.Company name and address of factory and date of visit.
2.Does the company have a GMP policy?
3.Is the company subject to Audit by any outside organizations?
4. The overall building and its suitability for the operation.
5. The personnel practices eg uniforms, wearing of jewellery, hairnets, and induction and training policies.
6. Pest control procedures
7. Give an example of sanitary design of equipment (i.e. equipment that is designed so that it is easy to clean) and if possible an example of equipment that seems lacking in sanitary design.
8. How well laid out is the factory? Are processed products kept separate from raw materials?
9. Aspects of production control. Eg what are the checks that the date coding is correct or that the metal detector is working?