Fundamental Rights

Paper Details/ Instructions
Without any introduction write an argumentative essay concerning the following questions addressing them collectively and diligently.
What, in your view, constitutes a complete list of fundamental rights?
What, in your view, justifies the claim that all persons have such rights?
Explain which moral theory, in your view, does the best job of providing the theoretical ground of fundamental rights (e.g., Kant’s Categorical Imperative, Mill’s Utilitarianism, Aquinas’s Natural Law, Sartre’s Existentialism)?
Consider what you take to be the most significant problem for the theory you have just invoked as grounding fundamental rights (here you should try to defend the objection).
How should the proponent of this theory respond to this objection?
Finally, extend your theoretical justification for your idea of fundamental rights to non-human animals.Do they have the same rights, or some rights, or none at all?Explain.