How has 3D scanning and 3D printing combined to impact the production of foot orthotics?

Assignment Requirements



The thesis/ project proposal incorporates all three course objectives by (a) demonstrating an understanding of alternative research methods and their practical applications (b) demonstrating the skills and knowledge needed to initiate and carry out small research projects in art, craft and design and (c) demonstrating an understanding of the relationship between visual culture and research, from the position of the individual, emerging arts practitioner.

Additional explanation:

This assignment builds upon the previous two assignments and although it is worth 50% of your total mark, you are using the annotated bibliography and the review to prepare a document that will take you into your next stage of study.

The proposal will be detailed in the second half of the study period however you should be clear what you wish to focus upon, how you intend doing it and what you have used to support your direction. There are particular headings for these explanations which need to be presented professionally and sequentially, they include:


  1. Title and contents page (also, lease type in on the first page) which referencing system you have selected.
  2. Research topic/ problem
  3. Explication of topic/ problem, including subtopics/problems
  4. Introduction (aims/objectives; key theorists; key examples; brief methodology; outline of structure).
  5. Literature and artefact review (this section is in fact your previous assignment and can be left blank for this assignment, just retain the heading here).
  6. (a) Methodology and (b) Methods
  7. Ethical considerations
  8. Conclusion
  9. Bibliography (and a reference list prior to this for the Harvard method)
  10. Appendices



Please submit the thesis/project proposal in a text based format with the appropriate and relevant illustrations in clear reproduction. Please use the above headings.

Please save your submission as a word doc. or docx. file, or as a pdf.


They are as follows:


Sub-topic #1: Clinical uptake

Sub-topic #2: Improved accuracy

Sub-topic #3: Financial benefits


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