How will using an inquiry approach improve my professional practice in a secondary school?

Assignment Requirements

This assignment is a research report on the topic question: How will using an explicit inquiry approach improve my professional practice as a teacher in a secondary school setting? It should critically evaluate the research process. Here is the structure you should adhere to:
• Research issue (as it relates to you and your professional development) 250 words
•Main findings and how they relate to the reflective process and Action Research Cycle. 550 words
•Methodological journey/challenges 350 words
•Your learning as a result of this process or where to next? 250 words
• References
•Appendices 600 words equivalent (analysed data including reflective notes; graphical representation of YOUR Action
Research cycle). Please, note that appendices are a very important part of this assignment. What you provide in the appendices validate the ways in which you have conducted research. Make annotations to these in your findings part of the assignment.

On successful completion of this assignment, preservice teachers will be able to:
1. Articulate personal beliefs about teaching and assumptions underlying practice and refine these in collaboration with others;
2.Discuss the basic assumptions, concepts and principles of action research and determine the possible implications for teacher knowledge, beliefs and thinking);
3. Identify an aspect of their teaching requiring further development or extension and write a research question in the form of an action plan that responds to some need in that area identified in conjunction with collaborating school;
4. Develop and implement action research strategies in response to the identified needs indicated in the research question;
5. Critically reflect on the effectiveness of action research as a means to enhance their teaching as a reflective practitioner within a social reconstructionist-oriented view of teaching; and
6. Articulate and describe the processes of action research in progress reports and in a final report.


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