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Please answer the following questions well in 7 pages. No references required. Thanks
1. If Rosa hires Caleb and after working for two months, Caleb requests additional time off to take care of his ailing wife and Rosa denies his request:
2. Carlos enjoys wearing women’s makeup. One day, he wears mascara and lipstick to work, causing quite a stir in his workplace. He disobeys a direct order from Christine, his employer, to remove the makeup, whereupon he is terminated:
3. Carlos, age 24, and Samuel, age 47, are employed as security officers for Jackson Security Co. In an effort to retain qualified officers and to be more competitive with the salaries offered by the police department, Jackson developed an incentive plan which provided for higher raises for younger officers. As a result, Jackson gave Carlos a higher raise than Samuel. Samuel filed a claim for age discrimination.