HVAC Analysis Result

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Here is a summary for the cases:
first we have a baseline result.
case1. Its the same as baseline but the whole house is rotating 90 degree toward the east.
case 2: has two subgroup and you have to comment based on the windows in each type (baseline has double glazed, clear window with no shading)
case3: Has two subgroup, 3a (with no insulation in the exterior wall) and 3b (has an extra insulation R11 in the exterior wall). The baseline model has an insulation in exterior wall which is R 19 ‘english unit’
case 4: Comment on the exterior wall color which the baseline has an absorptance equal to 0.6
All the comment should be based on the comparison between gas(therms) and electricity (kWh). Also, check the attached files "What i Need For Analysis" for more information