International Business

There are two questions that have to be answered each one needs to be over 250 word and have two sources. They will be on separate pages. Please indicate which answer is for which question.
Question one: Assume you have the role of top management at a major global electronics company that is developing a wireless device capable of on-demand music and video downloads from anywhere on the globe. What criteria should the company use to determine where to manufacture the device and whether or not to enter into a collaborative arrangement to manufacture the product or control it internally?
You are expected to support your answer with news articles, internet articles, and academic sources (APA format is required). The text used for the class is: Daniels, John, Radebaugh, Lee, & Sullivan, Daniel. (2011). International business, environment & operations (13th ed). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.
Question 2: Reminder has to be over 250 words long. Have one source and the response has to be answered as Q2: Identify and discuss the various steps management must take to establish a successful export strategy. Each question has to be at least 250 word and labeled as q1 and q2.