Issuing Corporate Bonds Overseas

Order description:
Based on February 2012 news:
BHP Billiton Ltd., the world?s biggest mining company, sold $5.25 billion of bonds in the U.S. as the corporate new?issue market rebounds from a two?week slump. BHP, based in Melbourne, plans to use proceeds from the sale to repay existing obligations and for general corporate purposes. The miner is spending $80 billion over the next five years to boost output of iron ore, copper and coal.?
In your report, you need to discuss the various considerations that BHP would have taken into account when deciding to issue these bonds in the U.S. rather than in Australia. Your discussion should include relevant numerical information from the Australian and U.S. corporate bond market. You also need to prioritize the considerations for BHP.
Content of Essay:
abstract one paragraph of no more than 100 words to establish the topic;
introduction two paragraphs to clearly establish the problem the essay is going to address and why the problem is important;
main body two to three pages containing the main argument/discussion;
conclusion one paragraphs of no more than 150 words to summarize the main points presented in your essay.
Assessment criteria:
>Demonstrated knowledge of the corporate bond market(s);
>Demonstrated knowledge of the reasons why (corporate) borrowers issue
bonds overseas;
>Research effort (including use of various sources);
>Logical inferences drawn from information presented and appropriate
justification of your argument;
>Overall presentation of the argument.