Jubilee Assignment

Work description: Critical Essay
Source is the book by Margret Walker : Jubilee.
Houghton Mifflin publishers have received a very promising manuscript by Margaret walker. It is a historical novel that deals with slavery. The publishers like the story told in the novel and believe that it has the potential to become a best-seller. Still, before they publish it, they want to know whether Ms. Walker’s fiction is based on a solid understanding of what life was like for the people who were slaves. So, the publishers hire you as a historical consultant. Your job is to assess the historical accuracy of Jubilee, chapters 1-29.
For the most part, does the book seem to be factually sound? What parts of Walker’s novel illuminate subtle, nuanced truths about the people who were slaves? What parts are misleading? What s your evaluation of the way that she portrays relationships and values within the slave community? How well does she help readers understand and the significance and the complexity of African -American culture? Are her depictions of the lives of slave women adequate and accurate? Are there things left out of the book that you think should have included in order conveying an understanding of what it was like to be a slave?
Concentrate on the parts of the novel that will allow you to make the points that you want to make most clearly and effectively.
On balance, do you conclude that the novel provides general readers with an accurate portrayal of slavery and the people who were slaves? Or do you conclude that, on balance the historical inaccuracies in Jubilee are so great that Dell ought not to risk its reputation by publishing it? (My choice is the first one that is given)
Organize your paper however you see fit. You may be as creative or as straight forward as you choose to be.