Los Vendidos

This paper should be well written and should reflect the writing of a junior in college. This paper is based on close reading of the play “Los Vendidos,” by Luis Valdez. here are the instructions: you need to do a close reading of the play “Los Vendidos, by Luis Valdez and incorporate the arguments of the critical article, which I will provide and information where to find it below. You must formulate an argument about the play and its social/political messages. You may discuss the following topics in the paper: gender, stereotypes, discrimination, identity construction, and historical circumstances of the play. You must quote from both the play and the critical article. The article should only be support for what you have to say about the play. Use the terms above such as, gender, historical circumstances, or identity construction. This paper should in MLA format, please look up Diane Hacker’s “Rules for writers” online or through Google books and follow her MLA format. Also, please do not plagiarize.