Millennium Development Goal 4: Reduce Child Mortality

Order Instructions
3) Consider one of the United Nations Millennium Goals that relate to ?Health?. What is being done to pursue this goal, and is the goal likely to be met by 2015?. The appointed gaols is (Millennium Development Goal 4: Reduce Child Mortality). Critically reaserch on this topic once again the cleint is from Australia.
Structure of The Paper. Follow this to the Letter:
Introductory content
The topic (and the student’s interpretation of the topic) is clearly defined.
A brief overall statement of the ‘direction’ of the essay is provided.
Clear definition of key terms.
Body of the essay
Appropriate evidence is provided to support the central argument (“thesis”) of the essay.
Appropriate evidence is provided to support at least one alternative argument (“antithesis”).
Alternative arguments are evaluated in an appropriate, evidence-based manner.
A clear argument is presented.
Argument/s is/are supported by research evidence.
Concluding content
A conclusion is drawn on the basis of critical evaluation of the arguments (i.e. conclusion is consistent with the arguments presented). Conclusion summarises the key arguments of the essay.
The conclusion answers the essay question.