New Zealand Film and Cinema (Choose ONE question about New Zealand Cinema subject in the instruction)

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As I am studying Media studies subject paper in the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand, and I am currently taking a paper called "New Zealand Cinema". We just have to analyses, discuss and critic all the major New Zealand film as well as New Zealand Film commission and National Film Unit. What is identify to be a New Zealand National Cinema or what is a unique about it? So I have to work on this essay assignment about New Zealand Film and Cinema. Therefore, I would like you to choose ONE of the best topic out of 4 below that you are most comfortable with and the topic that you think you would do your BEST!!!! And please let me know the topic in the dashboard once you decide it. So that I can upload the additional files later in my account and let you start it.
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Choose ONE question about New Zealand Film and Cinema subject
and write a 1500 word essay
1. With reference to the concept of ‘ideology’ discuss the institution and output of the National Film Unit (formed in 1941) to that of the New Zealand Film Commission (formed in 1978).
2. A film such as Smash Palace (1982) can be seen as a metaphor for wider social and cultural crises occurring around the period of production. Discuss the relationship between the text and the social, economic and political factors that were significant at the time.
3. If a national film industry has a function to represent and reflect the nation’s past, is it morally problematic for cinematic texts to attempt historical revision? Discuss The Piano (1993) is your answer.
4. What are the thematic and formal elements of the ‘cinema of unease’? Using Smash Palace (1982) and In My Father’s Den (2004) in your answer.