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Please respond to the following questions in your essay:
1) Describe Odysseus’ character in terms of the good choices and the poor choices he makes. Be sure to use lines from the reading to support your description.
2) What do you think is Odysseus’ worst action of his wanderings and why?
3) Who is Odysseus’ main enemy and why? Could this opposition have been avoided?
4) Compare Odysseus to any modern hero in books or movies. Is he truly a hero? Using your choice of comparison, explain your answer.
5) Which of the first two readings did you prefer and why? Describe this in terms of character, plot, dialogue, action, or any other literary device that caught your attention. What did the other one lack?
Please be sure each paper is completed accordingly.
1) Have a word count of 600-900 words. (check with your instructor before submitting anything longer)
2) Times New Roman 12 point font
3) Double Space
4) Indent all paragraphs
5) Spell Check
6) Be sure your quotes are in MLA format