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Assignment Requirements

Write an argument in which you express one of your own deeply felt opinions. Use a combination of both outside sources and your own observations and experiences to develop specific evidence for your particular argument.


Before you begin your essay, you should choose which stance you will take on the topic (i.e., are you for the topic, against it, or some combination of both). Then, develop a strong, specific thesis that argues a specific claim about that topic (i.e., don’t simply argue “I am for ______” or “I am against ______”).


  • To help build the ethos and logos appeals of your argument, you will be required to use at least three sources in your essay. While you may use online sources in your paper, two of your three sources must be academic sources (e.g., articles from a peer-reviewed journal, scholarly book-length studies, academic essays, etc.).


  • Consider the audience of your essay. Will your reader be receptive to your argument, or will they be strongly opposed to your claims? Your audience’s reaction to your thesis will determine a number of things in your writing, including structure, tone, and evidence. Also, keep in mind that while recognizing opposing viewpoints certainly lends credibility and ethos to your argument, you don’t want to undermine your own claims. Give credit and acknowledgement to other opinions, but simultaneously reinforce your own ideas.


Your grade will derive from your abilities to argue successfully your thesis using convincing evidence, specific details and examples, and pertinent outside source, as well as to organize your thoughts in an effective and logical style to help your reader clearly understand your argument


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