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Assignment 2: Policy Analysis Paper 100 points
Assignment 2 builds upon Assignment 1 in that you will be expanding the brief and writing an in-depth analysis of your issue. In this assignment, select the �point of view� you will represent in your written analysis. Policy analysis & recommendations are particularly (exclusively?) reliant on the perspective of the individual or organization making the case for or against the policy change. Rarely is there one right or one wrong way to proceed. Like other areas of public policy, health policy is a series of trade-offs, with different winners and losers depending on the issue at hand. You will need to select the organization you will represent for this assignment. For example you can be legislative staff, a hospital Chief Nursing Officer (CNO), a representative of a professional association, state board of nursing, or a government official. The following bullets should be used as headings for the paper. Your content will be placed under the bullets.
Identify the organization that you represent
1.Clearly identify the issue or problem that was presented in the policy brief. Expand upon its history.
2.Provide any evidence-based guidelines available (nursing or non-nursing) on the issue.
Key Policy Events [regulatory and legislative]. Does any previous legislation or regulation precede this particular issue? Focus on those aspects of the legislation or regulation that relate to financial and or reimbursement effects. Lists are often helpful in this section of the paper.
Financial Data. Provide financial data [either gathered from your facility or obtained in the literature], and apply the information to your issue as a means of supporting your selection.
Key/Major Stakeholders. Identify and explain the implication of their views
Social, Economic, Ethical, Legal, and Political Factors. Identify the factors that may impact the various stakeholders or the decisions related to the issue. You are providing a context of your issue in this section, giving key demographic, financial and/or statistical information or noticeable trends of current studies that impact your issue. This is a substantial part of the analysis.
Policy intervention Options. Which options are available/relevant to this situation. Include whether there are any current legislative/regulation activities or proposals under consideration and how they relate or differ from what you are proposing/advocating. Offer alternative solutions and make sound reasons that support the alternatives you offer.
Proposed Recommendation. From the research and your analysis what is the recommendation you propose? You are making the recommendation based on the sound points and information provided in the preceding sections of your paper.
Provide at least 3 scholarly journal references that support the nursing implications of this issue. Limit web references as much as possible. If the bill does not address a specific nursing issue, provide at least 3 articles from scholarly journals on the bill’s topic.
Note: References should include a minimum of three peer reviewed articles as well as other sources. The paper should be a maximum of 10 pages, not including title page and reference page. (One point per page will be deducted if you go over the 10 page maximum).
The assignment is due according to the date posted in the Activities and Assignments Schedule. Two (2) points will be subtracted for each school day (Monday through Friday) the assignment is late.