Order Description
The portfolio must be a collection of work and information compiled as evidence to show;
Development of subject specific and transferable skills to enhance employment opportunities that is incorporated into a career development within personal development plan (PDP).
Analysis, evaluation and reflection on self performance and learning experiences including the achievement of objectives set after the first workshop session and subsequent class activities and assignments
Demonstration of an understanding the level of own skills and abilities that employers look for and to use this will be developed and written in an action plans
A 1500 words reflective summary of own employability skills. Any of the following three reflective approaches adapted from Mansvelder-Longayroux et al (2007) can be used to write this part
Deliberative approach – reflection is involved in weighing up different perspectives and theories in order to view practice from different angles
Narrative approach – reflection is focussed on developing personal practice based knowledge and developing awareness of one’s skills, ability, identity, beliefs and development
Critical approach – reflection is focussed on critically examining the social, cultural, economic and political implications of the work based learning experience.
What could be included as evidence is vast and should be discussed with your tutor. What follows is an outline of the variety of resources that you could choose to draw upon (inclusive but not limited):
Written – reports, surveys, investigations, letters, journal (entries), assignments, self assessments, tests, and questionnaires
Visual – pictures, posters, presentations, photographs, graphs
Audio – commentaries, discussion, interviews