Private Speech

Assignment extract:
Evaluate Vygotsky’s claim that ‘private speech’ serves a cognitive function in young children just write the main body and a little bit of the conclusion, because this essay is a 2000 word essay, but I will write the introduction and the rest of the conclusion. – Explain concepts – Explore and EVALUATE relevant arguments and evidence.
• Don’t be overly descriptive – Evaluate! – Reflect!
• review arguments and evidence in support
• Review arguments and evidence conflicting with this
• Provide an assessment of pros and cons for the theory/hypothesis in light of your review • Your own suggestions for improving our knowledge write all in past tense and do not use I, you, he, she, we, and our. it has to be written in 3rd person and please write the essay in a very simple English language as my English is not my first language, use very simple and easy words. and do the in-text referencing as well, the name only is enough for in-text referencing. and 1500 words is without references Cheers !