Religious studies

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Use this prompt and write an essay response to it. Keep in mind the prompts are just that, and you will need to create an argument/thesis of your own based upon this prompt.

• Consider the various overlaps found in similar myths. For example there are many Flood stories. What do these overlaps/similarities/differences suggest to us and why is it important?

Please note the following requirements

• Include an intro, conclusion, and argumentative thesis. Be sure to include textual evidence and a clear analysis of that evidence. The essay should also be well-organized and be free from grammar and mechanical errors. You do not need to use outside research.

* Use only the works we covered up to the midterm.

• Make sure you are making an argument and not just describing/summarizing/translating the texts or giving examples of a particular idea/theme within the works. Use the texts to make one argument and not a different argument for each text.


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