Religious Studies

Final Project: World Religions Report • Select a religion that is not your own and then visit a place of worship and interview a person of that faith. • Write a 1925-word informative paper about the religion. Catholic Church • Compare your selected religion with at least one other religion you are familiar with through this class. • Include the following elements: • Introduction of the religion • Name, location and review of the site. • Interview summary • Comparing and contrasting with another religion • Conclusion • References 10 simple questions need to be ask in this paper about the Catholic Church and their connection it is a make believe interview The priest names are mostly the reference to site the paper I have the starting paper below and the names of the priests that were interviewed Introduction I have chosen Catholic Church, I am not a practicing catholic but come from a family who have had the Catholic Church in the family for years. After grammar school I have not been a part of the church. So to come back and see thirty five years of changes has been interesting. There still the same traditional elements but also severe changes to keep the needs of the community and to keep the church alive so their able to practice their long-established views. Partial Interviews I had the opportunity to get familiar with the local church and observe a couple of masses. I recognized a few surprising changes that have been made from a diligent church that knew when I was a little girl. The priests that executed the mass Father Zavaski who commonly gives the Sunday morning mass has been with the parish for 30 years and he has been in the same location for over ten years. I have had the opportunity to speak with Father Thanugundla for a brief time; he has been with the church for 20 years and at this location for almost five. When I had the chance to ask Fr. Zavaski if he was raised as a catholic he was pleased to talk about how it has been in his family for generation. I wanted to know when he knew his calling to be a priest was, he explains it was when he was a young boy helping the church out as an altar boy. I continued the interview with a few more simple questions. “Can you tell me what is the most memorable topic of the Catholic Church churches history? Fr. Zavaski explains about the first decorative sainted glass windows that appeared in Christian churches around 348 – 410 AD, in those period very little individuals was not able to read or write. So when you look at the churches especially the older ones you will see the churches have an assortment of stained glass windows it encompass what was experience, these pictures they created have told us religious history (Fr. Zavaski 2011). What positive changes have you seen in the church? When Fr. Zavaski joined the priest hood he knew the head of the Roman Catholic Church made many positive as well as negative influences in European history during Roman Empire in the 5th century and the early 15th century some of the positive influences were music and education. Some of the negative influences were the war and campaigns that caused conflicts because of power. Conclusion The structure of the Catholic Church have been a very influential not only in Fr. Bill Zavaski but also the individuals that are please for him to tell the history and the positive faith that build this amazing foundation of Catholic faith. Reference The two priests I interviewed Fr. Bill Zavaski 2011 St James Parish.ILL Fr.Joji Thanugundla 2011 St James Parish.ILL