Research Paper Outline+Thesis Statement+Bibilgraphy

Order Description

I am going to write a research paper, and my topic is comparison nursing program in China and the United States of America.
1.For this order, please help me write a specific outline for my planner research paper. This outline/plan should be developed so far as to include sub-topics. Also, include at the top of outline/plan what you now consider to be your hypothesis or tentative thesis statement. A thesis statement is a complete sentence or sentences that identify the main idea of your paper and the areas that you will use to support it. the idea may be a descriptive overview or may be argumentative. Please write in very simple English.
2. Please cite 10 possible sources (all sources must be related to my topic) Be sure to use MLA method.
3.In 10 sources, please include 3 primary sources (Please mark it as P) and 3 secondary sources(Please mark it as S).
Primary sources are sources of information directly connected with the events or experience about which you are writing.
Secondary sources are others writing about a subject area who have already gathered the material.