As an early childhood educator, it is crucial to identify resources around the community to create a quality early care and education program. Our communities provide resources for families and early care and education programs to support children’s development. The Internet is a virtual tool that provides access to many resources, which, as a professional, you will need to evaluate for quality and credibility.
For this assignment, you will write a three page essay providing a review of a community resource and two virtual resources that are available to you. Please choose:
a.One community resource that you can inform parents of and use as a professional to support children’s development.
b.One virtual resource that you can inform parents about.
c.One virtual resource that you can use as a professional.
For each of these resources, please provide the following:
a.A summary of what the resource includes, and how it supports children’s development.
b.Reasoning for why you feel this resource is valuable to educators/parents.
c.An explanation of how you will use this resource as an educator, or how you will encourage parents to use this resource.
Your three- to four-page paper must be formatted according to APA style and include a title and reference page. You must provide APA citations and a reference page with one community resource, two virtual resources (websites), the textbook, and one additional resource.