Septa System

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Team) Idealized Redesign Paper (Paper #2; due Week 10)
You are to form into teams in order to carry out this assignment. Idealized redesign is a planning technique that is intended to minimize self-imposed limitations on imagination. One assumes that the system in question (an organization, a network, or a product/service of your choosing) has been completely destroyed. The task is now to redesign that system from scratch, with only two constraints: (1) technological feasibility (no sci-fi) and (2) operational viability (legal, ethical, potentially profitable). More specifically, your job is to exploit technology—including green technology—as much as possible by proposing electronic (and other) alternatives wherever they make sense. Your paper should be a maximum of ten typed pages, double-spaced. It should include:
1. A description of the newly-designed system, with focus on its Internet-enabled features
2. A specification of how this new design differs fundamentally from what currently exists
3. A statement of those steps that you would recommend to actually implement the redesigned system