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Refer to the results from the SimQuick simulation model below to answer the following 5 multiple-choice questions. You will see that the results are similar to the two-teller, bank model described from pages 19-21 in the SimQuick book. You can click the image to open it in its own window if you wish.
11. Based on the above simulation results, on average, how long are tellers working per hour? (Time is measured in minutes, and there are two tellers)
12. On average, how long do customers wait in the line (buffer) before going to one of the two tellers?
13. On average, the throughput of the service system at the end of the simulation is estimated at:
14. On average, approximately how long does a customer spend in the service system if the teller takes an average of 2.4 minutes to serve a customer?
15. In addition to the average performance of the system, process analysts must also consider ___________ to arrive at valid conclusions regarding the performance of a service system.