Social Media and Security

Purpose: A professional, scholarly paper which demonstrates the student’s understanding of, and critical thinking about, a self designed thesis question as related to one topic area from the list below.
Structure Criteria 1:
Use APA format.
The body of the paper (exclusive of the title, abstract and reference pages) is required to be 18 pages in length: double spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font, with 1 inch margins.
Papers are expected to be written to graduate level standards without spelling or grammatical errors, and with concise clearly stated sentences.
Note: There is a useful link in Webliography to assist students in navigating APA style. Please note this source is not the final word in APA style. The American Psychological Association holds that distinction.
Structure Criteria 2:
Include a title page, which clearly states the student’s name.
Include a short abstract at the beginning of the paper
Choose a topic focus from the list below and post, according to instructions, in the Week 6 discussion thread.
Create a well-structured Thesis statement/question as part of the introductory paragraph.
Provide an overview of your researched articles, which must include 2 scholarly source articles. which the student has found & reviewed. Students may use 1 article from what has been provided in Webliography and “Doc Sharing. Students are expected to post their articles either in Doc Sharing under “Final Paper Documents” or in a Webliography using the category “Student Final Paper Links.” If students use an article that has been provided, please re-post it in the proper place for this assignment.
Present discussion/essay which addresses the thesis statement/question.
Conclude with a summary paragraph
Include a References page
Content Criteria:
Abstract: A brief objective description of your paper.
Note: there is a useful link in Webliography, in the “General” category about writing abstracts.
Thesis Statement/Question: A well crafted thesis statement which clearly answers the question that you are exploring in your paper.
Note: there is a useful link in Week 6, Doc Sharing on Thesis Statements.
Overview of Researched Articles: Two scholarly article sources as described above. Clear explanation, and proper citation of all sources used.
Discussion Essay: A well-thought-out, properly cited, scholarly essay which addresses the thesis statement/question and demonstrates the student’s own critical thinking, understanding of the research material, and relevant course content.
Summary: A well-crafted and concise summary
References: Properly cited reference page