Solve the Prescriptive English Grammar Questions

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Be able to state whether a sentence is prescriptively correct or incorrect, and fix it if it is incorrect. Example sentences:
She bought gifts for my friend and I.
My sister and I are very similar.
They gave flowers to my mom and me.
You and me should do this together.
Who should I ask for help?
To whom did you give those copies?
Whom is that woman in the corner?
This is the guy who I met at the party.
The woman who helped us was nice.
Either you or I are going to deal with this.
Neither my parents nor my aunt is invited.
Neither of the contestants were prepared to lose.
No one in any of my classes know an answer to this question.
The loudness of the tractors outside the windows of the dormitories is unbearable.
Either my neighbors or my friend watches my apartment when I am away.
Either two oral reports or a report paper are required in this class.
There’s a lot of leftovers from the party.
There are many opportunities to find work in this town.
I have less time than Jim because I work on weekends.
We should make less sandwiches next time.
The fewer boxes we have, the easier it will be to move.
By shopping a few weeks before Christmas, a last-minute rush will be avoided.
Changing the oil every three thousand miles, a car will last longer.
Speaking in a stern voice, the children soon became quiet.
The bride walked down the aisle with her father dressed in a white satin gown.
Walking across the floor, the coffee cup slipped from my hand and broke.
They aren’t going nowhere special.
She hasn’t spoken to anyone yet.
He cannot just do nothing all day long.
We haven’t ever done anything to spite him.
The dogs often lay on the floor and sleep.
The sun raised at 6 am yesterday.
The contractor lay the brick according to code.
The doctor advised him not to lay in the sun.
We must lay a foundation before we can build a gazebo.
He could feel the hairs rising on the back of his neck.
Leave the dough to raise for four hours.
Don’t rise your voice!