Stategic Mgmt Project Presentation

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You may choose either a large, well known Fortune 1,000 company that has information readily available, or a small company in your city or town which has information in the local press (the larger company may be easier).Pretend that you are a business and strategy consultant hired by one of your chosen company’s executives to present the new strategic plan to the Board of Directors (BoD). Use the case study analysis format and style template (uploaded) as the guideline for this paper. I will need to make up a power point presentation. I will need to support the “bulleted” ideas in the notes sections of the slides. I will need a reference page. I attached the final project guidelines for you to see as well. Don’t pay attention to the power point information as so I will do that portion. Assignment checklist: Determine the elements of strategic control. Evaluate the balanced scorecard approach and how it integrates strategic and operational control. Determine what is meant by continuous improvement and how it contributes to incremental innovation.