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1 text file has a link to download a ZIP file, which have these PDF files

Read the learning material which is ICTPMG401_LearnersGuide.pdf

The Scenario (AdminNow Scenario) is called ICTPMG401_UAG_Scenario_V1.pdf

The Initiation Document (Project Initiation Document) is called ICTPMG401_UAG_AE1_ProjectInitiation.pdf

Refer to assignment.pdf for what needs to be done. This also has the marking criteria.

You will need a GANTT charting tool (eg Microsoft Project or a suitable template in a spreadsheet tool)

Each part should be in a separate file.

For Assessment event 1 there are 4 parts which are:
1) Project Charter
2) Project Plan
3) Project Progression
4) Project Closure

For Assessment event 2 there are 7 questions that need to be answered


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