Sustainability Analysis for Nokia

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Listed below are the topics and questions that you should address for this assignment:
i. Brief overview of the company (no more than one paragraph)
ii. Describe the mission of the company
iii. Does the company adhere to the triple bottom line theory of sustainability? Explain.
iv. Does the company incorporate sustainability into the strategic and marketing plans?
v. Does the company incorporate sustainability into product design? If so, how does the company accomplish this and still satisfy customer needs and wants? Does the company use LCA? Be specific and give examples.
vi. Is the company listed on the DJSI? Is this company part of the Global 100? Does it have any other sustainability ratings on any other financial indices? Is this important to the company’s stockholders?
vii. Does the company produce a sustainability report each year? Provide some highlights.
viii. Has productivity/the company’s financial position changed over the last five years? Has the company saved any money (if they are following the path toward sustainability)? If yes, where/what are the savings? Is any of this due to the company’s philosophy on sustainability?
ix. Does the company’s strategy support justice for all? Explain and give examples. What about health and safety of employees and other stakeholders?
x. What is the company’s philosophy regarding the environment? Goals? Does the company adhere to all environmental laws and regulations? Is the company proactive or reactive on the environment? Does the company innovate to create benign production processes, work toward zero consumption of non-renewable resources and the production of zero waste, better health and safety in the office or plant, etc.?
xi. Does the company actively/passively market sustainability? Explain. Is there any internal marketing of sustainability? Any motivation for employees to work toward sustainability? Is the company involved in community action on sustainability issues? Is sustainability part of the company’s IMC?