The Three Most Important Characteristics of A Good Language Learner

Order Description
The Three Most Important Characteristics of Good Language Learners
I.    Introduction
Briefly implicates some previous studies concerning the most important characteristics of good language learners.
Includes factors that can influence those characteristics.
Exposes the pursued method recognizing good learning characteristics (interview).
II.    Interviews
Design questions for the interviewed study cases  (five of my colleagues).
Analytically define the context of the interviewed cases (individual criteria, personal learning needs, language proficiency level).
Find out the most important characteristics of the interviews.
III.    Outcomes
Rhetorically clarify the three most important characteristics they experienced with the English language (motives, learning process and strategies).
Explain how they have developed the proficiency of their communicative skills in short time.
Focus on their strategies that are proved by their own affective learning characteristics.
IV.    Similar Patterns
Draw the pattern of their successful strategies
Clarify their followed patterns which fulfilled their success in learning language.
Shed lights on the similar patterns obtained by other researches.
V.    Conclusion
In short comprises the three characteristics.
States role models patterns that can be followed by language learners.
Overlooks to teaching successful strategies in the future.