Week 3 Chapter 6 Discussion Question(ITM 5300)

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The textbook used in this course is: World Class Contracting 5th edition by Gregory A. Garrett
Chapter 6 Discussions: Possible grade value 10/10
Please research the terms "management", "management science", "operations management", "operations research", and "decision sciences". (Among those that you find in the literature, choose the clearest and most mutually consistent definitions.) Then answer the following:
A. How is management science defined ? (Remember to cite your source, as always).
B. Of the fifteen specific subfields of management science that are listed at www.informs.org, and a sixteenth (analytics), choose one of them with which you are most familiar or which you think you can best relate it to procurement and contracting, and explain how it may be useful in e-procurement. From the main page informs.org, click on the links under What is Operations Research? that are named About O.R. and About Analytics, or else go directly to
and to https://www.informs.org/Community/Analytics
C. How does management science relate to "operations management", "operations research", and "decision sciences"? [Hint: there is not necessarily a common agreement among industry participants on the relationship of these terms; this question is asking you to take a position on how they relate to each other and defend it with your research.
D. According to the best or clearest definitions you found in your research, is management science a part of management or is it a separate discipline used by managers?
E. In your opinion, can a management science consultant be used in the process of contract management? For example, how? Explain.