Women and Family


Everybody Hates Chris
My thesis:
–    What does sitcom want to say?
–    I think sitcom wants to introduce the minor families who have inequality and matriarch in immigrated family, and it also tries to reflect their life and difficulties (problems). These sitcom shows both minor families’ characteristics
    How and why these issues are important in our society?  please add political work
–    Solution: Anti-racialism
–    Representation of gender and race in the sitcom.
–    Explain of general idea of culture and gender roles’ in family.
–    Short summary of Everybody Hates Chris (one immigrated family tries to be included in the major cultural family- ex., white family.), and also please describe the historical background in the sitcom
–    Please include thesis.
–    Short summary of body (one or two sentences)
1.    Please describe the inequality in the sitcom “Everybody Hates Chris” (because of different race)
    Please add historical background: colonialism, orientalism etc.
    Please add examples
    Please describe the trouble and difficulties in the immigrated family.
2.    Please describe the gender’s role in the sitcom
    The Politics of Mothering
    Rochelle is a Chris’ mother, and family matriarch.
    Please add examples.
    Please describe the trouble and difficulties in the matriarch and dual earner’s family.
3.    Solution of immigrated and matriarch family.
–    Summary of my body
–    Include my thesis, and I am an Asian, and please explain critically locate myself and how this impacts upon my analysis.
–    Situate the context (Fox & Yiu’s article might be useful) and discuss the relationship to course concerns (1 paragraph). (this course is woman and family)
–    General explanation of immigrated family and matriarch family. Role of gender… etc.