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Assignment Requirements

CSIS 3050 Article Review Requirements


How do you find your articles? Using SUU’s online library database systems, please find a most recent information technology-related article what really interest you. The article could be from magazine or any IT/IS/CS scholarly journals, but mostly scholarly journal articles provide more in-depth insights for particular topics you are interested in. Because Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is the most premier computing association, any articles from ACM digital library are strongly recommended. For example, articles published inCommunications of the ACM would be a good fit, which can be searched through the ACM digital library.

How are you going to structure your article review? Here are some suggestions:

Give an introduction of the main topic described in the article in your first paragraph.

Highlight the most inspiring points from the article. It is not suggested to directly copy and paste text from the original article instead that you should use your own words to describe the key points. Or you can summarize the article if it works better for you.

Emphasize and expand one or two key points with your own insights. This is a critical thinking process, since you will be putting your own thoughts into your review. This is essential for your review. The only thing that makes difference is YOUR OWN OPINIONS, so be creative and thoughtful.

Lastly, you need to draw a conclusion or give a prediction for the technology you are reviewing as your last paragraph.

Length: maximum 800 words.

Format: Font: Times New Roman; Font size: 12; Single spacing.

Article Review Samples: Please check course Canvas Modules, where you can download an article review sample and the original article associated with the review.


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